Welcome to YED28,

On this website you can discover all the Apps and eBooks by YED28, digital products, created and actualized for being used as educative instruments and for entertainment.

As a parent I have learned to keep track of my children and their needs, most of all the demand of entertainment. Therefore gaming became the starting point from which we started to developed products that would also have a teaching aspect. Today’s children are extremely curious about the modern communicational devices and show facility also in using them. Just give them an iPhone® or an iPad® and in a few moments they will find out how to use it. Therefore and because of the passion for Apple® products I’ve started in 2009 to develop ideas and applications dedicated to children and adolescents. Products that have the goal to offer new educative instruments for parents and teachers that want to interact in a fun and involving way and with the kids.

On the website you will find links to the iTunes App Store for the Apps, I recommend you to try the free versions even if there are some small banner ads in them. If you like it, you can upgrade to the full version without advertising where you’ll always find a big amount of added content at a really moderate cost. With the full versions you will be free to leave the iPhone® or the iPad® peacefully in your child’s hands, while you enjoy another activity, or living great moments together where even the adult will discover something that he or she didn’t know yet or re-discover an old passion.

Also try eBooks for your iPad®, they have extensive and multi-media content especially created to utilize fully the potential of iBooks®. Unlike the Apps, that can really be used by everyone, the eBooks are intended for a target group older than 6 years, but can also be used by younger readers with an adult. You can download The alphabet with animals or as a “demo” versions of all the other apps and, if you like, go in with the full versions. In the eBooks about animals, there are also videos to show the animals in their habitats to young kids.

YED28 is a creative agency in which innovative digital products are developed. Passion and competence undertake us on a daily basis to make our tools better “edutainment”. Try them and you’ll discover how easy it is to learn when you are having fun. More than one million apps downloaded and an average of 4 stars as judgement are our best guarantee.

If you have suggestions or simply want to learn more about YED28, you can contact me by email.