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Animals 100


Animals 100

Category: Education
Version: 4.0
Language: EN-IT-DE-FR-ES-PT

Animals 100 Lite

Category: Entertainment
Version: 4.0
Language: EN-IT-DE-FR-ES-PT


Animals 100 HD is the best application for iPad, in high definition, existent in the App Store. Useful either for parents who wish to make their children discover the wildlife or for teachers who want to insert it as an alternative teaching tool, besides all the fans of this kind of game.
Animals 100 arrives after more than eight months of work, during which we have been busy researching for the best images, for the most realistic sounds and, for the right informative content for a easy close examination.
The easy-to-use interface and non intrusive along with the complex programming have completed this terrific project.
Obviously, every part of it is in HD.

Over 100 animals
5 pictures per animal
Over 600 pictures in total
Over 100 informative cards on animal life
10 movies with the farm animals
6 use modes
Available in 6 languages

1- PHOTO & INFO: a modern encyclopedia, where you can see wonderful pictures, listen to real their sounds and learn information about the animals
2- TOUR: a awesome way to ‘hang around’ animals, scrolling landscapes in the mountain, in the valley, in the farm, in the wood, in the jungle, in the beach, by the sea, in the desert and in the savanna
3- SPEED SOUND: hear the sounds of over 100 animals passing from one to another just with a ‘touch’
4- QUIZ: proof your knowledge or try to test someone else on their knowledge of the wildlife, take part on the classification board on the Game Center or share your experience on Facebook
5- ALPHABET: use animals to teach the alphabet, every single letter matches an animal and you can listen to its name and memorize it
6- PUZZLE: have fun completing a puzzle with animals, with 3 difficulty levels

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