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Instruments 360 Gold is an amazing application that lets you approach the world of music by discovering the sounds musical instruments produce, learning about their origins and their names in different languages. The real sound of each instrument and high-definition pictures are an amusing and rewarding way to discover the beauty and the appeal each sound evoke in us.

Specially recommended for parents and educators, who want to entertain children using a tool which not only entertains, but it also has didactic aims.

The app is subdivided into 4 sections:
Photo/Sound: to watch and hear instruments
Quiz: to exercise their capacity to recognise sounds
Tour: to be “on stage” and distinguish the instrumental type based on their usage
Puzzle: to have fun reassembling pictures of instruments (2 difficulty levels)

Instruments 360 Gold includes the following 52 instruments:
harmonica, harp, balalaika, bandura, banjo, electric bass, drum kit, bongos, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, clarinet, congas, double bass, bagpipes, alphorn, french horn, domra, bassoon, accordion, diatonic button accordion, pan flute, recorder, western concert flute, hurdy gurdy, guiro, mandolin, maracas, marimba, castanets, oboe, organ, piano, saxophone, sitar, tabla, tambourine, drum, keyboard, triangle, trumpet, trombone, tuba, ukulele, violin, electric violin, cello, xylophone, zither, ocarina, berimbao, soprano saxophone.

Instruments 360 Gold – the magic of sounds on your device.

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